At the School of Making Faces

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Collection: Les Émo-J
Auteur: Marilou Addison
Auteur: Richard Petit
Illustrateur: Danielle Tremblay

ISBN : 9782897462420 | Nb de pages : 352

Parution : Septembre 2019

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Nico has long wanted to own an iPod, but his parents won’t buy one for him because they’re against electronic gizmos. When Nico finds an iPod in the trash, he literally jumps for joy! But what he doesn’t know is that there’s a strange bunch of little characters living inside it. Characters that will lead him on a series of wild adventures …


Genre : Roman illustré

Format : 13 x 19.4

Âge : Dès 7 ans

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Numérique – ePub, Papier